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anglosphere press translations
AP syndicate, Germany's Merkel at farewell ceremony: Don't tolerate hate
"Merkel was honored with a traditional military musical performance and march in front of almost all the country's political elite -- save for the far-right Alternative for Germany, who weren't invited."
RFI, After 16 years of rule, Angela Merkel says goodbye with Nina Hagen song
"playing an eclectic mix of music of her own choosing that has intrigued the nation" brace by a "search for subtext and hidden messages" (Guardian, 29 Nov; France24, 3 Dec)
Sputnik, Party Like It's 1939: German Chancellor's Send-Off Compared to Nazi Rally
Godwin anthology

* "The Post-Heroic Legacy of Angela Merkel",  Bloomberg. 9 June 2021

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