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Data governance: new EU law for data-sharing adopted
The [Data Governance Act] introduces rules for data marketplaces in the form of intermediation services where companies can share their data voluntarily. Neutrality obligations have been introduced to make such marketplaces a trustworthy environment. Many businesses currently prefer not to share their data for fear of misuse or breaching privacy obligations.

Data intermediaries that comply with the requirements of the DGA can ask to be listed in a public register; a way to foster trust and make compliance easier for smaller companies.

A similar approach was adopted for data altruist entities, individuals, or organisations that make data available for the common good, medical research, or fighting climate change.

"We are concerned about how a weak definition of altruism in this agreement could allow companies to over-use vague, altruistic grounds to push consumers to share their data," said Jelena Malinina, digital and health policy officer at the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC).

LEAK: Draft impact assessment sheds some light on upcoming Data Act, 22 Nov
The Regulatory Scrutiny Board rejected the Data Act
The Netherlands publishes non-paper on upcoming Data Act, 5 Oct

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