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So the Great Barrington tools are whining about being excluded instead of engaged.  "Help, help we're being oppressed!  Come and see the violence inherent in the system!"  All the while failing to acknowledge that they are denying and even attacking the methods and foundations of the system the operate within.  Herd immunity has NEVER been a success (The mere fact that Europeans did not die from measles and small pox at as high a rate as Indigenous Americans does not mean they did not die in droves.), and anyone who claims otherwise is selling something.  Which is what is happening here.  The Great Barringtons and their allies are rejecting the science that has made them successful and taking a position based solely on their own social, political, and economic interests.  This is one of those rare cases when self-proclaimed "freedom fighters" are demonstrably just terrorists.  They are willing to kill at an unprecedented rate to protect those already in power.  And since they are undoubtedly being well compensated for their efforts, they aren't just terrorists, they're whores.
by rifek on Wed Dec 22nd, 2021 at 06:47:06 PM EST
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