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NY Yella Cake | Booster protection wanes against symptomatic Omicron infections, [UKHSA] data suggests.
New data from Britain suggests that booster protection against symptomatic Covid caused by the Omicron variant wanes within 10 weeks.
The population reinfection rate has increased sharply and disproportionately to the number of first infections. 9.5% of Omicron infections have been identified to have previous confirmed infections, which is likely to be a substantial underestimate of the proportion of reinfections. The first infections of the individuals with Omicron reinfections occurred in both the Alpha and Delta waves and are likely to have been undetected if in the first wave.
There were 69 identified cases with Omicron as a third episode of infection and 290 cases where the Omicron infection was between a 60 to 89 day interval after a confirmed first infection.
There have not yet been enough severe cases of Omicron to calculate how well boosters protect against severe disease, but experts believe the shots will continue to provide significant protection against hospitalization and death.
Times of Israel | UK agency: Pfizer booster's ability to prevent symptomatic COVID wanes within weeks
Data shows 3rd shot 70% effective in preventing illness after 2 weeks but only 45% after 10 weeks; Moderna seems to offer more durable protection, staying at 70% after 10 weeks
Reacting to the findings, Jenny Harries, head of the UKHSA, said boosters were still very important and would help prevent severe cases and deaths.
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