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After shutting down Nord Steam 2, the U.S. Cavalry to the rescue of deprived European states ... at inflated prices.

More LNG Cargoes Head to Europe to Ease Energy Crisis | Bloomberg |

European natural gas prices headed for a third day of sharp declines as more tankers are crossing the Atlantic with U.S. fuel to the energy-starved region. At least 15 vessels with liquefied natural gas declared Western European ports as their destinations as of Thursday, up from 10 on Wednesday, shipping data compiled by Bloomberg show. Plus, there are another 11 U.S. LNG cargoes with undeclared destinations whose paths suggest they are headed for Europe.

LNG WRAP: Asia Stays at Discount as U.S. Cargoes Head to Europe | Bloomberg |

Benchmark Dutch front-month gas dropped below 100 euros a megawatt-hour for the first time in two weeks, falling as much as 26% to 98.58 euros after slumping 23% on Thursday. Prices, which hit fresh records earlier this week, are tumbling on hopes that increased LNG supply will ease the continent's energy crunch.

US gas price tumbles on bearish winter outlook ...

Truthtellers @CNBC ...

The U.S. was right -- Europe has become a `hostage' to Russia over energy, analysts warn | CNBC - Oct. 7, 2021 |

U.S. natural gas sinks, on track for worst month in three years | CNBC - No. 30, 2021 |

Opening the European LNG markets ... can de warmongering on the Eastern Front ease now?

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