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Natural gas prices in Europe fell to below €72 per megawatt-hour, approaching levels not seen since mid-November, amid rising LNG flows, higher wind power output, and as more gas from storage facilities in Germany is being used. So far this month, the European Union has received five more times of gas from the US than from Russia, according to the Hungarian Remix. Meanwhile, gas supplies via the Yamal-Europe pipeline, which usually sends Russian gas west into Europe, have been running in a reverse mode eastward for a 30th successive day, Reuters reported. Gazprom recently said it has not booked any capacity to pump gas to Europe through the Yamal pipeline and traders hope supplies will not be disrupted by the Russian-Ukrainian crisis after the US discussed contingency plans for supplying natural gas to Europe with several international energy companies.

Europe's gas crisis: Could LNG help boost energy security? | DW News |

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