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Considered state aid in the EU of Brussels ... liberalization of energy markets is written in stone.

Since August, 25 suppliers have fallen victim to surging prices, which left them paying far more for gas but selling it for far less because of an energy price cap that was intended to protect bill payers.

The regulator, Ofgem, arranged for healthy competitors to take on the collapsed firms' customers via its "supplier of last resort" scheme, which prevents disruption to household supply.

But agreeing to serve so many extra customers meant the suppliers of last resort had to buy more energy on wholesale markets. They can charge that cost - £1.83bn, according to Ofgem disclosures - to local gas and electricity distribution networks from April.

"Ofgem's safety net has protected more than 4 million customers through the unprecedented global gas prices this year, making sure they have an energy supplier and household credit balances are honoured," a spokesperson for the regulator said.

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In The Netherlands energy giant ENECO took over customers of collapsed firms and paid €20 a piece. Customers were left with payments that could not be recovered. In cut-throat deal ENECO forced customers into a flex price contract at a double rate.

Municipalities approve Eneco takeover by Mitsubishi despite WWII history | Jan. 31, 2020 |

'Sapere aude'

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