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Never think out of the box, be as predictable as possible for your foe ...

NSC Advisor Jake Sullivan seeks advice from Russia hawks ahead of talks on Ukraine | Axios |

A group of Russia experts urged National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan to send more arms to the Ukrainians when he spoke with them ahead of this week's high-stakes diplomatic meetings with Russian officials, participants told Axios.

  • "It's always smart to engage with outsiders. There's never a downside," said Michael McFaul, a National Security Council official under President Obama who later served as ambassador to Russia.
  • "Jake is not afraid to interact with specialists, including those who may disagree with him," said McFaul, who declined to confirm last Monday's videoconference or his participation in it.
  • Officials routinely meet with outside Russia experts with a diverse set of views and have welcomed "their expertise as we address this crisis," NSC spokesperson Emily Horne told Axios.

Between the lines: Private meetings also can dissuade potential critics from publicly airing their grievances -- and second-guessing -- if a diplomatic engagement falters.

USIP one of the many "think-tanks" where experts always agree with one another ...

Syria Drama In the Making - the Bush and Obama Years 2005-2013

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