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In any arranged marriage someone has to be paid off. Germany spent a lot on the dowry - with the hundreds of billions to the Soviets being the smallest part overall. Would for example Ireland want to relinquish its status as a corporate tax haven a bit to finance reunification? Hmm. There are some faint parallels to Korea as well. NI isn't such a basket case as North Korea, but over a number of decades the reunification debate in South Korea has turned from the conservative "Northern collapse (+war) = Reunification now!" to gradualism to the current state where for most younger people it's not a priority at all. Among other things because of the financial burden. "We have it bad enough why do we have to take on that weird place up North? We are separate countries. Deal with it!"

Much more than the South Koreans, the ROI can afford to be less compromising. Commonwealth? Come on! If they want dual citizenship then maybe there should be double state financing. Time, economics, demographics is playing in their favor - NI may fall into their hands like a ripe apple. Furthermore, if the border is open, peace is maintained, economic ties are ever closer, then why even bother? We may see the day where even Sinn Fein doesn't make reunification (at all cost) a priority anymore. Assuming they will be in charge for a longer period.

(As an aside, my own idea for a North Korea 'policy' involves the South getting its own nuclear(-equivalent) strategic deterrent and then sitting down for peace talks where both sides recognize each other as legitimate Korean states and change their constitutions accordingly. And then the door is open for eventual reunification if someday both sides find it in their interest. Perhaps that's the lesson of Germany: no proper reunification without proper separation.)

Schengen is toast!

by epochepoque on Sat Jan 1st, 2022 at 07:00:36 PM EST
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