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The Irish news has printed a response to my letter:

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Irish reunification

In his letter about the circumstances of a united Ireland, Frank Schnittger fears that unionists might "demand the right of veto over any post-unification legislative proposals" (January 3).
A group of leading academics has already conceded this kind of formidable power to unionists during the border-poll process. The Working Group on Unification Referendums on the Island of Ireland, operating through University College London, published its final report in May 2021. With the aim of gaining unionist consent to Irish reunification, the working group proposes a comprehensive veto for the north over many key aspects of a united Ireland, including its constitutional form, principal political institutions, national symbols and major public policies. The working group's proposal violates the Good Friday Agreement and repudiates the democratic votes ratifying it.

Ontario, Canada

I wouldn't characterize the report of Working Group on Unification Referendums on the Island of Ireland in quite those clear cut terms, but there is certainly a recognition that the result of a 50%+1 referendum cannot be an all or nothing affair, if the 49.9% are not going to be extremely disgruntled as a result. However, nationalists are entitled to ask "where was the concern for minority rights when N. Ireland was set up and governed in the first place?".

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