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Using the economic ties to establish a military alliance of NATO signature in the region under command of the United States ... a minimal CENTO alliance of a new Cold War.

Abraham Accords key to countering regional threats: Ex-US Iraq envoy | Arab News - Sept. 13, 2021 |

The Abraham Accords are an important tool for countering regional threats such as Iran and should be celebrated, former US Ambassador to Iraq James Jeffrey said on the first anniversary of the deal.

In a press briefing hosted by the Woodrow Wilson Center and attended by Arab News, Jeffrey -- chair of the think tank's Middle East program -- said the accords are "a significant step forward for the region."

They established diplomatic, cultural and economic ties between the UAE and Bahrain on one side and Israel on the other. Morocco and Sudan later joined the accords following US diplomatic overtures.

The accords "give both the (Biden) administration and, more importantly, the states in the region, another tool to use to build common positions and deal with problems that are shaking the entire region, and have for decades now," said Jeffrey, whose decades-long diplomatic career spanned postings in Iraq, Syria, Turkey, the Balkans and more.

Among the most important threats shared by Arab countries and Israel are Iranian-made missiles, he added.

"When you look at the threats to the region from a military-violence standpoint, it's rocket missile systems of Iranian origin and various terrorist movements," he said. For Arab states, "Israel is seen as a highly effective partner on both of those issues," he added.

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Israel eyes UAE-Iran rapprochement with caution | JPost - Dec. 6, 2021 |

Recent regional developments have Israel worried, as some of its newfound allies are inching closer to its archrival Iran. 

The announcement by an Emirati official last month that a delegation from the United Arab Emirates is slated to visit Tehran in the near future is the latest cause for concern in Jerusalem. But, while monitoring events closely, Israel has faith in the ties forged with the UAE.

Still, relations in the Middle East can be fickle. What appears stable one day may experience upheaval the next.

"This is very worrisome for Israel," said Dr. Moran Zaga, an expert on the Gulf states from the University of Haifa and Mitvim − The Israeli Institute for Regional Foreign Policies. "Rapprochement will come with a price. Getting closer to Iran and getting closer to Israel doesn't work together."

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