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I'm aware of those figures. My reference to vaccinations was somewhat sarcastic as it becomes more difficult to explain why the UK is doing so badly economically post Covid than most other countries when it has boasted so much about its vaccination success. People are bound to point out that other countries also had the pandemic and recovered much more quickly afterwards despite being slower to vaccinate.

The issue of delaying a second jab is an interesting one. AFAIK there is little hard evidence  to support an "optimum" time lag. But if one jab can give 80% immunity and 2 jabs give 95% immunity in one person, it might be better, from a heard immunity perspective, to give the two jabs to two different people. In 12 weeks time, the current production bottlenecks may have been overcome in any case, and the interval can be reduced again.

Also, a lot of people have already had covid - do they still need two jabs, or is one enough?

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