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"Two-shot vaccinations aim for maximum benefit: the first dose primes immunological memory, and the second dose solidifies it, says Thomas Denny, chief operating officer of the Duke Human Vaccine Institute. "You can think of it like a gradient," he adds. One dose of the Pfizer vaccine can reduce the average person's risk of getting a symptomatic infection by about 50 percent, and one dose of the Moderna shot can do so by about 80 percent. Two doses of either vaccine lowers the risk by about 95 percent."


"If people are only partially immunized with one dose, could that fuel more dangerous coronavirus variants?

That is a real concern, according to Paul Bieniasz, a retrovirologist at the Rockefeller University. Early in the pandemic, there was little pressure on the novel coronavirus to evolve because nobody's immune system was primed against infection, and the microbe had easy pickings. But now millions of people have become infected and have developed antibodies, so mutations that give the virus a way to evade those defenses are rising to prominence. "The virus is going to evolve in response to antibodies, irrespective of how we administer vaccines," Bieniasz says. "The question is: Would we be accelerating that evolution by creating country-sized populations of individuals with partial immunity?"

Given SARS-CoV-2 is already mutating in the UK not completing the vaccination per clinical trial protocol is absolutely freaking stupid.  


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by ATinNM on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 at 05:54:51 AM EST
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