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by Oui on Wed Feb 24th, 2021 at 10:42:12 AM EST
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Twitter unveils feature charging users for additional content, hacking GDPR enforcement worldwide
On Thursday, the social media giant unveiled "Super Followers," which will allow users to restrict access to some content unless followers pay a fee.

A representative of Twitter told the Washington Examiner that the feature will "allow creators and publishers to be directly supported by their audience and will incentivize them to continue creating content that their audience loves."

A second feature, called "Communities," is designed to create groups centering on shared interest.
The announcement comes weeks after CEO Jack Dorsey announced Twitter was exploring the introduction of a tipping feature.

"I think the first thing we want to focus on is that economic incentive to people who are contributing to Twitter," he said at the virtual Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Feb. 10.

shifting costs of doing business from HQ to 290M competitive "users"
House GOP wrestles with Section 230 overhaul, fails
Although a full repeal seems unlikely, Republicans on the Energy and Commerce Committee are optimistic about finding agreement with Democrats on reforming Section 230.

"This is really the most bipartisan committee in Congress, and we tackle a lot of big issues, Section 230 is a really big issue that there's appetite on both sides for," a senior Republican committee aide said.

Republicans say that they no longer have confidence in social media companies to make the right decisions when it comes to content moderation and growing issues like the spread of misinformation.

Now, free speech is not absolute.
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by Cat on Fri Feb 26th, 2021 at 12:10:28 PM EST
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