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Foster accuses European Commission of being tone deaf on impact of NI protocol
Northern Ireland First Minister says meeting over NI protocol was `hugely disappointing'.
The North's First MinisterArlene Foster has accused the European Commission of being tone deaf about the impact of the Northern Ireland protocol, describing a meeting on Wednesday of the EU-UK joint committee as hugely disappointing.

In a joint statement after the meeting, co-chairs Michael Gove and Maros Sevcovic said they needed to work together to find pragmatic solutions to problems in implementing the protocol.


[Sinn Féin Leader and Deputy First Minister] Ms O'Neill, said the meeting had been a "positive and constructive engagement." Ms O'Neill said it was "very timely that we had the discussions that we had today, not least because it gave both sides, the EU side and also the British government the opportunity to, as they did, to restate their commitment to implement the protocol."

Describing the meeting as "very pragmatic", she said it was "very clear from the discussions that there was a recognition, particularly given the recent engagement with the local business and civic society, that there are issues that need to be resolved, but both sides committed to try and define practical solutions and that's where everyone needs to be focused right now."

Business as usual. Unionist and nationalist leaders take diametrically opposed approaches...

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