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"The Quad" (US, AU, JP, IN) is the latest reactionary alliance assembled by US in the past decade as cooperation among unaligned nations, or "Third World" governments, have materialized into regularly scheduled trade and financial plenaries, including but not limited to the TPP "pivot" that effectively ostracized the US. Probably every pubic intellectual, operating within NATO's labor market, has an opinion about which of BRICS (BR, RU, IN, CN, SA) was once or still is the "softest touch" in the foundation of so-called multi-polar world order, sabotaged by overt-, covert-, and proxy-wars and assassinations, supervised by "First World" state department functionaries.

MSM inspection of the multi-national conference (US, RU, AF, IN, PK, CN) to promote peace with Taliban in Afghanistan (this year) are rote PR. So Sputnik reportage appears to me simultaneously to vent the BRICS legacy and furnish figurative and literal venues where US admin's overtures ostensibly align with MODI's capricious investment in the trans-continental BRI-- now Trump's been sacked yet US faux R2P fintech sanctions have not.

On 20 February this year, the Taliban pledged in Ashkhabad to fully support the 1,814-kilometre Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) gas pipeline that will transfer 33 billion cubic feet of natural gas from Turkmenistan to energy hungry Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. The ambitious $10-billion project has been riddled with problems, mainly security issues in Afghanistan, for years.
Because US media scarcely consults IN popular press, much less IN diplomats, "Approach with caution: cleaning the Afghan mess" featured by an attentive RU broadcaster may be of limited interest to US until IN burns that $5.43-billion deal with Moscow for S-400s.
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Austin hints India's purchase of Russian missile system could trigger sanctions
U.S. officials have said the S-400 cannot co-exist with U.S. equipment, as it can be used to collect intelligence on U.S. systems. They are particularly concerned about Russia using the S-400 to learn about the F-35 fighter jet's advanced capabilities.
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"If India chooses to go forward with its purchase of the S-400, that act will clearly constitute a significant, and therefore sanctionable, transaction with the Russian defense sector under Section 231 of CAATSA," [Sen. Bob] Menendez wrote in a recent letter to Austin, referring to the law called Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act.
During the media briefing, Austin also addressed questions on Afghanistan, noting that President Joe Biden had not yet made a decision about the timing of any potential drawdown even as a May 1 deadline to withdraw all U.S. troops from the country LOOMS.
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