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Forty years ago my grandfather, who ran our family farm through the Depression, said to me that we were headed for a far worse crash and that he was glad he wouldn't live to see it.  His reasoning was simple.  During the Depression most people, even in urban areas, had direct or nearly direct access to food production.  Now nearly everyone, even those living on farms, is wholly dependent on the retail food supply.  Recent comebacks such as gmoke periodically chronicles notwithstanding, it is no longer standard to have a garden or to help the country cousins with their extended family garden.  The US is now a net food importer, which is absurd and obscene.  Last year we were treated with images of cars backed up for miles waiting for food handouts.  The continued advance of industrial agriculture will just make this worse.
by rifek on Mon Mar 29th, 2021 at 08:42:23 PM EST
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