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Brazil's foreign minister, who bashed China and praised Trump, resigns | The Guardian |

"One thing's for sure, he's the worst foreign minister Brazil has ever had," said Celso Amorim, who held the post between 2003 and 2011.

Just hours after Araújo's resignation, defence minister Fernando Azevedo e Silva announced he was also leaving government, a shock move that added to the sense of crisis surrounding the Bolsonaro administration, which is facing growing domestic anger over its catastrophic response to Covid.

Araújo was picked as foreign minister in November 2018, a fortnight after Bolsonaro's stunning presidential election win, despite never having served as an ambassador.

Under his watch, Brazil's internationally respected foreign office - known as Itamaraty after the 19th-century Rio palace it once occupied - took a hard-right tack on issues such as reproductive rights and the environment and became a bunker of hardcore Bolsonarian ideologues.

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