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About a year ago I had my detached garage wired with a 50 amp outlet to support my future electric car purchase.

Now, having thought about it for a year, it seems likely that I will not bother to buy an electric car. The closest I can get to a net zero energy transportation system (other than taking the bus that stops a block from my house) is to buy a second-hand hybrid. It's already been built, it uses a small amount of gasoline, and is a lot cheaper.

(Reality is that I plan to keep my existing hybrid for another decade.)

That raises the question of how to convince people to replace their existing vehicles with EVs. If you take an EV price of $30,000 and compare it to a used hybrid price of say $5000, it would take a $25,000 state subsidy to even out the purchase price.

by asdf on Mon Apr 5th, 2021 at 07:57:28 PM EST

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