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A few quotes...

Tory PM Boris Johnson:
We won the vaccine war and speedy inoculation race due to "greed" and "capitalism".

Health Secretary Matt Hancock:
We have exclusivity rights in our contract with AstraZeneca!

British boulevard Press:
We'll take care of the facts and will accuse   the EU of nationalist practise.

VP and now President Joe Biden:
Keeping most  sanctions in place and adding a few of my own. Trump's Operation Warp Speed Vaccine Contracts and FDA's emergency proces. Biden added the Defense Production Act to block all exports of vaccines and raw materials.

[Funding has been routed through a defense contract management firm called Advanced Technologies International, Inc. ATI then awarded contracts to companies working on COVID-19 vaccines. - Top Secret National Security]

Manufacturing in India was hit hard by lack of components to produce UN COVAX vaccines for third world countries ...

Indian vaccine giant SII warns of supply hit from U.S. raw materials export ban | Reuters |

by Oui on Sat Mar 27th, 2021 at 03:43:23 PM EST

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