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Lord Frost tells EU to stop sulking over Brexit and make a success of it
Brussels must stop sulking over the UK's decision to leave the European Union and work to make Brexit a success, Boris Johnson's Europe adviser has said.

Lord Frost says the EU should "shake off any remaining ill will towards us for leaving, and instead build a friendly relationship, between sovereign equals".

Last week the Prime Minister infuriated Brussels when he unilaterally extended the grace period for supermarkets' goods and parcels from the end of this month to October, prompting threats of legal action from Brussels. The grace periods mean procedures and checks are not yet fully applied.

The move sparked a fresh row with the EU, which is jointly responsible with the UK for the Northern Ireland Protocol governing trade and new border checks in the province.

But writing for The Telegraph, the Cabinet Office minister blames the escalating tensions on the EU's threat to impose a hard border on the island of Ireland in January.

Lord Frost, who personally negotiated the Brexit trade deal and joined Mr Johnson's Cabinet last month, says the EU's behaviour "has significantly undermined cross-community confidence in the Protocol".

He writes: "As the Government of the whole of our country we have to deal with that situation - one that remains fragile. That is why we have had to take some temporary operational steps to minimise disruption in Northern Ireland. They are lawful and are consistent with a progressive and good faith implementation of the Protocol.

"They are about protecting the everyday lives of people in Northern Ireland, making sure they can receive parcels and buy the usual groceries from the supermarket."

Lord Frost, who made his maiden speech in the House of Lords last Thursday, also says the UK's decision to break away from an EU scheme on coronavirus vaccines to order its own supplies instead was a tangible example of the benefits of Brexit.

It is a classic bullying tactic - to blame the victim by accusing them of sulking.  But the EU is no victim and has no reason to want to make Brexit a success. Lord Frost will simply find himself increasing ignored as the EU moves on to other priorities. In the meantime the EU Parliament has decided to postpone ratifying the Trade and Cooperation Agreement. Indefinitely, I would hope, and the Commission should also cease any other discussions with the UK until the Protocol is fully and faithfully implemented. What is the point of negotiating new agreements when existing ones are flouted?

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