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Foster accuses Coveney of ignoring `deep' unionist concerns
The North's First Minister accused the Minister for Foreign Affairs of "ignoring" unionists and called on him to reflect on his language as the political fallout continued on Thursday over the UK's unilateral decision to extend the grace periods for post-Brexit checks on some goods entering the North from Britain.

Arlene Foster was responding to comments by Simon Coveney, who told RTÉ the EU was "negotiating with a partner that they simply cannot trust."

Ms Foster said he "talks about not having a partner you can do business with. I have to say, he should reflect on that, because he's not listening to the unionist people of Northern Ireland. He's ignoring them, and thinking that they'll just go away. We will not go away, and we need to be listened to in relation to our very deep concerns."

The First Minister and other members of the DUP - who oppose the Northern Ireland protocol because it places a border in the Irish Sea - on Thursday backed the UK government's move, characterising it as a timely intervention ahead of the expiry of the grace period on supermarket goods to mitigate some of the difficulties caused to trade from Britain under the protocol.

Deputy First Minister Michelle O'Neill of Sinn Féin accused the British government of once again "acting in bad faith". She said they had "demonstrated by their very deed that they are untrustworthy . . . not true to their word when it comes to negotiation."

She said that in this case she believed the UK was "on the wrong side of public opinion, and they're clearly on the wrong side of international law".

Yes we here you Arlene. It's been the same broken record for 100 years. Nobody cares, any more.

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