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Former Dutch Finance Minister and prominent VVD member Gerrit Zalm was appointed head of ABN-AMRO Bank in order to save the institution in the midst of the banking crisis. The bank has just been slapped with  fine of €480 million!

Imitating Richard "Tricky" Nixon: "I'm not a crook."

Newly Obtained Audit Report Details How Shady Clients from Around the World Moved Billions Through Estonia

VVD prominent politician Gerrit Zalm

Dutch CEO, in drag, talks up `brothel values' in banking | Fortune - Jan. 2014 |

ABN Amro Fined $1.3 Million Over Deficiencies at Dubai Unit | Bloomberg - Nov. 2015 |

    "If only we could clone him," sighed former party baron Gerrit Zalm when Mark Rutte became State Secretary for Education in 2004. He had been State Secretary of Social Affairs in the first Balkenende cabinet for two years and someone had to succeed Annette Nijs after she resigned as State Secretary. There was no doubt, says an influential VVD politician: "Mark was the best."

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