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Michel Barnier says Brexit is a 'failure' the EU must learn from  - RTE
He told MEPs: "For Ireland, peace is very important. Everybody has to shoulder their responsibilities...and respect what they have signed up to. This is something that affects peace and lasting trust between the EU, the UK, Ireland, all of us.

"Ireland, we don't look at it just in terms of goods, services and trade. Instead, men and women who need peace, which is very fragile."

Mr Barnier recalled four years of "very difficult negotiations" and said that as well as a difficult divorce, Brexit was a "warning".

"It's a warning Brexit. And it's a failure, a failure of the European Union. And we have to learn lessons from it as politicians here in the European Parliament and Council, in the Commission, in all of the capitals.

by Bernard on Wed Apr 28th, 2021 at 08:29:27 PM EST
"Our duty is to listen and understand the feelings of the people and the feelings of the people, this social anger shouldn't be confused with populism, and we should do everything to respond to that in each of the member states and at the union level and continue to show the value added of what we do together to ensure that we can be prosperous, independent, safe and secure," he added.

Almost philosophical of Michel Barnier. He seems to be saying no one should be left behind and the EU has done poorly. His warning will fall on deaf ears in the EU of Brussels and most of the EU-27 capitals. The financial burden carried by the EU and the ECB is huge. How come corruption and enrichment of the new is happening today as we speak? Solidarity reaches no further than as everyone leaves the Council or EP conference room and shut the door behind them.

Barnier and Von der Leyen could have used the occasion of ratification to be more specific.

by Oui on Thu Apr 29th, 2021 at 03:38:59 AM EST
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