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Newton Emerson, a unionist commentator has a column in the Irish Times complaining that London and Dublin are making a problem of a solution and mismanaging the current rioting and unrest in N. Ireland. I have commented below the article as follows:
Nobody does outrage quite like the unionists. They destroyed the NI executive and then complained when others tried to fix it. They vetoed every form of Brexit until they ended up with one that created "a border down the Irish sea" and then blame Dublin and the EU for it. They claim the protocol violates the Belfast agreement and then, in the next breath, repudiate it anyway. They claim the protocol lacks democratic legitimacy even though it was agreed on their behalf by the British government and requires the approval of the NI assembly on a regular basis to continue to operate.

Newton himself wants the BIIGC to meet regularly and frequently and then complains when the Irish government asks for a meeting - for the first time in two years. Brandon Lewis refuses to convene a meeting on the grounds that the BIIGC cannot discuss devolved matters, but Protocol - the alleged main cause of the rioting - is anything but a devolved matter. Unionist leaders incited the young to riot in Belfast to deflect attention from their own culpability for Brexit and then claim it is caused by the insensitivity of Dublin and the EU. As if the rioters are aware of the finer nuances of Dublin or EU policymaking.

I have news for you, Newton: Hardly anyone anywhere outside of N. Ireland cares any more what unionists think and feel because they are bound to complain anyway, regardless of what help and goodwill is proffered. Let them burn down their housing estates if they must. No doubt they will then complain at the lack of housing. No doubt the loyalist drug gangs are angry that the PSNI aren't turning a blind eye to their activities, but that really is a devolved matter, and one only unionists can resolve. The more this goes on, the more England will lose interest in NI ...

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