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No Chosen People: The Myth of the Calvinist Origins of Afrikaner Nationalism and Racial Ideology | Jstor - 1983 |

Central event of Afrikaner history is the Great Trek (Journey). The voortrekkers and the Republican Afrikaners conceived of themselves as a chosen and covenanted people, like the Israelites of the Old Testament, and early Afrikaners presumed a divine mandate to smite heathen peoples and reduce them to their pre-ordained position.

Calvinism and Afrikaner Nationalism

So much similarity to the Europeans entering the New World and slaughtered the indigenous people in North and South America. The White Anglo-Saxon Protestants considered Trump as divine send by the Almighty to lift his people out of misery. What about separation between Church and State.

No separation between Calvinism and Dutch Reformed evangelicals. The Michigan tribe of Dutch Reformed immigrants played a major role in the racist element and rise of Donald Trump. The fundamental view of the chosen people was opted by the Jewish influencers of advisors in his administration, supported by son-in-law Jared Kushner. This includes a family tie to Bibi Netanyahu.

The Mortality and Morality of Nations: Jews, Afrikaners, and French-Canadians

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