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Ambiguities surround Jordan's move to defuse security crisis | Arab Weekly |

There was however sharp criticism from two sources that felt directly targeted by the Jordanian measures.

Queen Noor, the mother of Prince Hamzah, expressed her shock at these measures, describing them as "fabrications". She said she "prays for truth and justice to prevail for all innocent victims."

But the harshest reaction came from the influential Majali clan whose leaders were targeted by arrests.

The clan put out a statement describing what had  happened as a "black day" in Jordan's history.

It carried on to protest, "the dignity and freedom of some of our clan's finest men, who had served the country with utmost dedication and sincerity and in its darkest hours, were assailed, as Sheikh Samir Abdel Wahhab al-Majali was arrested ... The house of retired Colonel Sheikh Suleiman Rafifan al-Majali ... was raided, with the aim of arresting our son Yasser Suleiman al-Majali, in his capacity as director of the office of his highness Prince Hamzah."

    Majali clan warns the Jordanian king

    The Jordanian Majali clan issued a strongly worded statement yesterday evening, Saturday, in which it warned the King of Jordan and the authorities there against prejudice. With her son Yasser al-Majali, director of Prince Hamzah's office, after he was suddenly arrested yesterday and accused of participating in the coup attempt.

    And the "Diwan of the Majali Family" published on its Facebook page the statement that Watan monitored, and in it it read: "After praise be to God, who does not thank him for something bad except him.

    On this black day in the history of Jordan and Karak, corresponding to 04/03/2021, the dignity and freedom of some of our best men were attacked. Members of the clan who served the country with all dedication and sincerity and in its darkest conditions.

    The statement continued, referring to the arrest of Yasser Al-Majali's relatives: "Sheikh Samir Abdel-Wahhab Al-Majali was arrested from the palace market, similarly. By arresting precedents and perpetrators.

    The house of Sheikh Suleiman Rafifan al-Majali was also raided in the valley of al-Dhira, in a manner "far from our traditions and the laws of humanity and morals. In the manner of raiding the hideouts of drug traffickers, smugglers and outlaws, according to a statement by the Majali family.

    The family also indicated in its statement that these arrests were carried out by an armed force of more than twenty heavily armed vehicles. "With convincing faces that can only be compared to mafias and armed gangs, with the aim of arresting our son Yasser Suleiman Al-Majali as director of the office of His Highness Prince Hamzah."

In 1990 al-Majali formed the Jordanian Covenant Party (Hizb al-Ahd al-Urduni) to express pro-regime, East Bank nationalist feeling in opposition to leftist and Palestinian-oriented parties.

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