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Jordan's coup d'etat nearly rivals the previous attempt on Dec. 30, 2017.

Jordan Denies King's Brothers Ousted From Army Over Ties With Saudi Arabia | Haaretz |

There have been behind-the-scenes tensions between Jordan and Saudi Arabia over Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's policies and his intention to revoke Jordan's custodianship over Islamic sites in Jerusalem. Always concerned with palace intrigue, the Jordanian king's move may also be a message to the Saudis.

Along with the two brothers, a cousin, Prince Talal bin Muhammad, was also dismissed from the army.

In November, Saudi security forces rounded up some 200 princes, ministers and business leaders and converted the Ritz-Carlton into a luxurious prison in what Riyadh said was a crackdown on corruption.

The move was also widely seen by analysts as helping  the crown prince consolidate his grip on power, after he ousted his cousin as heir to the throne in the summer.

Shortly after, Lebanon was plunged into crisis when Saad al-Hariri resigned as prime minister while he was in Saudi Arabia, saying he feared assassination and criticizing the Saudis' regional arch-rival Iran along with its Lebanese ally Hezbollah. He stayed abroad for two weeks before returning, and finally withdrew his resignation.

Saudi Arabia has also led neighboring Gulf Arab countries this year in cutting off trade and diplomatic ties with their neighbor Qatar, which Riyadh says supports terrorism. Qatar is an important American ally and home to a big U.S. air base.

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