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I tend to agree with you except for one thing, which is that it is important to not assume stability of the party platforms. The GOP is turning itself into the working class party, and the democrats are not exactly the most enthusiastic supporters of traditional blue-collar labor union activism. But everything is fluid and could change in six months.

I would say that the political scientists and their poll analysis programmers are working overtime to figure out how they can position their bosses to win in each upcoming election. Trump was/is an outlier because of his "I don't need no experts" approach, but I think he is out of the picture practically speaking.

There's lots of attention paid to a handful of loud mouths in both parties, but there are still probably more than 500 reps and senators who are mostly operating using the traditional methods. My bet is that US politics will continue to be divided almost exactly 50:50--because if it is not divided like that and you are on the low side, then your analyst is not doing a good job in finding a platform plank you can change to edge up your count.

by asdf on Mon Apr 5th, 2021 at 07:51:06 PM EST
You are correct in that a lot of Democratic House and Senate members are still committed to willingly doing the bidding of the billionaires, which was what led the party astray since 1970 - i.e. neoliberalism. Clinton's DLC certainly was dismissive of unions. And that has been a feature of Democratic politics since then, even through Obama's administration.

But Biden is a union guy and makes no bones about it. He also is compassionate towards the former union workers who have suffered loss of status and income - regardless of their attitudes on race, gender identity, etc. But at the same time he continues to support the agenda of the social issues Democrats. His approach seems to me to be 'all of the above'.

And, beyond my wildest expectations, he has embraced going big on federal spending. Late this afternoon we received word that the Senate Parliamentarian has ruled that other bills can be pushed through NOW under 'budget reconciliation' and $3-5 Trillion more in spending over the next ten years. I am betting that the US electorate, given the choice of continuing down that path or reversing course under new Republican leadership will vote to continue. The will be showered with benefits and living in a booming economy such as we have not seen since the '60s.

Republicans and some Democrats express concern about all of the spending, but, in truth, it matters MUCH more on what the money is spent than on the size if the expenditure, and Biden's budget is spending on all of the right things. Everything he proposes will improve productivity = even if the financial sector again manages to blow up the markets. But between Yellen and Powell he has some pretty sensible financial managers.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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