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'Hope There's No Quid Pro Quo': Is US Expecting Something in Return for COVID Aid to India?
Former Indian diplomat M.K. Bhadrakumar says the Biden administration's overnight turnaround to help India should be taken with a pinch of salt, recalling the US' "diplomatic history of transactional relationships".
"The big question is whether the US is relenting on the vaccine front with a view to cutting a deal with India on Afghanistan," Bhadrakumar, India's former envoy to Turkey and Uzbekistan, wrote in a column published in the Asia Times this week.
"The thought of it, of course, is very frightening. But if past experience is any guide, Washington has shown itself savvy at exploiting India's difficulties," he adds.
Commander of the US Central Command General Kenneth F McKenzie Jr told the House of Representatives' Armed Services Committee this week that US diplomats will talk to their allies in the region in the coming days about potential basing facilities for American troops after 11 September.
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