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Facebook takes down (and restores) official page for French town of Bitche
Facebook has 99 problems, and the French town of Bitche is one.

According to local broadcaster Radio Mélodie, the Facebook page for the small town in northeastern Moselle was taken down on March 19, forcing Valérie Degouy, Bitche's comms official, to create a new page on Monday named after its postal code: Mairie 57230.

Degouy told Radio Mélodie on Monday that she appealed the decision the same day the town's page was taken down, but hadn't heard back from the tech giant. "I tried to reach out to Facebook in every possible way, through different forms, but there's nothing [I could] do," she said, adding that she had "already had issues when I first created the page."

Facebook restored the page after this article was published on Tuesday morning.

Last November:

Fugging hell: tired of mockery, Austrian village changes name

Residents of an Austrian village will ring in the new year under a new name - Fugging - after ridicule and repeated theft of their signposts became too much to bear.

They finally grew weary of Fucking, its current name, which some experts say dates back to the 11th century.

Minutes from a municipal council meeting published on Thursday showed that the village of about 100 people will be named Fugging from 1 January 2021.

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