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Hold the Jokes, Please: Aeroflot Buffs Its Image | NY Times - June 25, 1997 | [cached]

CFO of Aeroflot is Nikolai Glushkov, who is also acting chairman of Logovaz, a leading media and oil conglomerate founded by Boris A. Berezovsky. Mr. Berezovsky, who handed control of Logovaz over to Mr. Glushkov when he became deputy secretary of the National Security Council, is a business leader who helped to bankroll Mr. Yeltsin's re-election campaign last summer. Mr. Berezovsky's companies are a symbol of the cozy co-dependence between big business and the Kremlin.

Family members of Yeltsin were well cared for. The risks came much later in the Putin era. Berezovsky lost out too in London in a feud with the Chelsea magnate who is now exiled in Tel Aviv. Great stuff.

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