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Younger people are being failed by our political system, controlled largely by their elders, and then people wonder why political extremism is on the rise. - Is mise,

A bit vague Frank and clearly not substantiated. In the US and perhaps in the UK, the average age of a MP could be described as an "elder".  Certainly not in The Netherlands. Many members of parliament stay 5 years on average, there is a high turnover. The economy and business leaders are middle age with university degrees. Student fraternities play a role in dividing leading jobs later in life. Similar, I imagine, how in the UK the Eton, Oxford and the Cambridge gang work. Likewise in France and its political system Macron seeks to eradicate.

Minerva: Bonding for life

With job offerings, it is normal to choose a fellow Minerva student above anyone else with similar accomplishments. There are other "secret" societies which too operate to influence politics and business policy. A source of corruption and lack of transparency. Dutch PM Rutte too is having a hard time to argue he is the right person for radical change in political leadership.

by Oui on Wed May 12th, 2021 at 12:24:03 AM EST
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