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And, in the USA, things started going to Hell in the '70s, culminating in Reagan's election in '80. Then it was tax cuts for the rich, approved by yuppies convinced they would soon be rich. Then followed cuts on social expenditures, like colleges and Universities and public schools. In LA and elsewhere there was opposition to busing. That fed into the conservative uprising. Prop 13 in California killed school bonds and state spending on even school maintenance until Latinos gained dominance in the electorate and passed Prop B in the second half o the '90s.

The Federal Government cut Pell Grants for colleges and universities, which had enabled students from poor and working class families to pay tuition and books while living at home. The state was forced to reduce spending on both the University of California and the California State University systems. A lot of the cuts were offset by higher tuition. In the '60s tuition was low. In the '90s we watched tuition double in four years in the Cal State System. Going to college four quarters cost close to $4000/year by the mid '90s for a resident of CA. Today, a student living at home with living expenses and two meals a day at home paid by parents will cost over $11,000 per year.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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