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Comparisons between the generations

Sir, - Frank Schnittger engages in comparisons between the generations ("Older people have never had it so good", Letters, May 12th).

You could be forgiven for thinking that older people suddenly appeared, were never born, never worked or lived through wars, recessions, pandemics and losses of loved ones and were now taking and enjoying the spoils at the expense of all of society.

We are all cut from the same cloth and it is only time that separates us in our journey. We young and not so young can complement each other's strengths and weaknesses. Embracing this will bring happiness and fulfilment to all. Older people's most cherished gift is the legacy of family of all ages. - Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.

Sir, - Frank Schnittger omitted a new element in older people's lives, which is the increasing importance of "The Bank of Mom and Pop". While many adult children are reluctant to draw down from this bank, the fact that they are aware that they can do so goes a long way to ease the stress of modern living - and most older folks who can afford to do so are happy to oblige if the need arises. - Yours, etc,


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