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  1. Following the d'Hondt formula, each party gets its pick of whatever portfolios are still available when their turn comes.

  2. More or less. Arlene managed to piss McGuinness off so much that he resigned as deputy first Minister and SF refused to nominate a replacement. The Executive can only operate on a cross-community basis so that meant it was suspended and Direct Rule from Westminster was instigated for a number of years and pissed EVERYBODY off  - so much so that BOTH DUP and SF lost votes at the last assembly elections.

That was quite an achievement by our Arlene, as McGuinness had gotten on famously with Ian Paisley - they became known as the "Chuckle Brothers"- despite the fact that he was a former Chief-of-Staff of the IRA (always officially denied, of course). The DUP, and especially Arlene, have a long track record of over-playing their hand.

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