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Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation Aids Israeli Right Wing | LA Times - May 1995 |

Some of the money supports charities in Hawaiian Gardens that distribute everything from free groceries to smoke alarms. But records show that far more of the millions goes to groups backing the agenda of the Israeli right wing: by buying up property in contested areas such as Jerusalem and campaigning to defeat peace plans under which Israel would surrender land to its Arab neighbors.

An Orthodox Jew who lost 120 relatives in the Holocaust, he has condemned the peace accords between Israel and its Arab neighbors as a "slide toward concessions, surrender and Israeli suicide." So he shrugs and says he is merely doing the "natural thing for a Jew," trying to "save our nation."

In Israel, meanwhile, the role of the right wing has come under rising scrutiny since the Nov. 4 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin by a law student who came from its ranks.

Although no one accuses Moskowitz of condoning such violence ("a terrible thing," he calls it), backers of peace talks with the Palestinians complain that he and others engage in "deliberate provocations" by buying property in "the most holy place on Earth."

"He is a man who lives far away with a big box of matches, facing a huge keg of gunpowder which is Jerusalem," said Ornan Yekutieli, a left-wing member of that city's Municipal Council.

"He sits and he throws matches," Yekutieli said. "And one of the matches will succeed and make a gigantic explosion."

Funding rightwing State terrorism with tax-free US dollars ... charity??

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