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Not sure if this is helpful, but in Colorado Springs, the low cost of sustainable energy has overridden the political viewpoint.

The city-owned utility system is rapidly replacing its remaining coal-fired power stations with sustainable supplies. Station retirement schedules have been pulled in and the replacement power is coming from new solar installations and wind power purchases. The politics of it has remained in the background because the sustainable supplies are so much cheaper than the existing coal supplies. Even though Colorado Springs is very conservative politically, the cost argument has over-ridden the politics.

Another consideration is that with our low-impact law enforcement mentality (no traffic cops --> 50 traffic fatalities per year in a city smaller than Oslo that has 1 or 2), and the apparent need to demonstrate masculinity by driving gigantic pickup trucks, the roads are pretty scary. Few people want to get out there in a Nissan Leaf. But Ford just announced an EV version of the F-150 pickup truck that has a list price lower than the big-battery version of the Leaf--$40,000 before the $10,000 or so of tax incentives. That will be the ideal combination of "giant pickup truck" and "low operating cost" that will appeal to conservative cheapskates.

These cost considerations are completely separate from climate change arguments, which takes the politics out of the discussion.

by asdf on Thu May 27th, 2021 at 02:48:25 PM EST

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