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Israel's Lehava stirs `anarchy' in Jerusalem | Al Jazeera - Dec. 4, 2016 |

"A" managed to break free and fled to a nearby restaurant, where a friend worked, and hid inside. "If I hadn't been able to run away, they would have killed me," he said.

His filmed testimony is one of several taken of Palestinians in Jerusalem who have been violently assaulted recently by far-right Jewish activists. Fearing reprisals, most of the victims agreed to testify only on condition that their real identities were not disclosed.

The attacks were carried out by a far-right group called Lehava, or Flame in Hebrew, an acronym for the Organisation for the Prevention of Miscegenation in the Holy Land. Run by a far-right rabbi, Ben-Zion Gopstein, Lehava rejects any interaction between Jews and Palestinians.

Run by a far-right rabbi, Ben-Zion Gopstein, Lehava rejects any interaction between Jews and Palestinians [Getty Images]

In 2014, some 200 Lehava supporters - many wearing the group's "Jewish honour guard" T-shirts - protested noisily outside the wedding of a Palestinian man and a female Jewish convert to Islam in the city of Jaffa, near Tel Aviv. Some carried placards with the slogan: "Miscegenation is a Holocaust".

Jerusalem's streets, meanwhile, are littered with fliers and stickers in Arabic warning, "Don't even think about a Jewish girl" and in Hebrew stating, "Beware the goys [a derogatory term for non-Jews] - they will defile you".

Incitement and hatred has become an Israeli line of defense to expand settlements on Palestinian Land ever since its founding and ethnic cleansing or the Nakba in 1948. Netanyahu was well known for playing the racist card with rightwing terror inside Israel and promoting Islamophobia in the Western World after the attacks by Saudi nationals in New York and Washington on 9/11. Israel lobby groups and funding have managed to spread the poison to gullible nations. Just like many Israeli leaders before him may he find eternal suffering by final judgement.

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Antimiscegenation laws are from Ezra and Nehemiah. Are you proposing banning parts of the Bible?
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