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You refer to that convenient happenstance when the Dutch were able to validate CrowdStike's allegation that it was the Cozy Bear who dunnit? Even when we know now that CrowdStrike did not have any evidence of a data breach, and even less evidence that it was the Russians. They admitted they just made up the name Cozy Bear for APT 29, which is actually a set of tools to gain an undetected, long term presence in a computer system. So the Dutch validated something that was totally made up.

That would be the same Dutch who arrested some Russians at the OPCW parking lot claiming they were trying to hack the OPCW computers? Until, of course, they were told that Russia is one of the founding members of OPCW and as such already has access to everything in the system. That news died fast...

The Dutch being so honest brokers, I guess we should indeed place all allegations and accusations pointing to Russia in that perspective.

With the recent news about Danish intelligent service, I would take anything any NATO intelligence says about Russia with a big pinch of salt.

by pelgus on Mon May 31st, 2021 at 12:29:26 PM EST
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