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Far-right MK Gvir vacates Sheikh Jarrah `office' in return for more policing Jewish homes in area

Ben Gvir is a disciple of the late extremist rabbi Meir Kahane [group designated as a terror organization by U.S.] and head of the neo-Kahanist Otzma Yehudit party, which merged into Religious Zionism before the election. He spent many hours in court as a defendant in his youth before passing the bar and going on to represent ultra-nationalist Jews accused of perpetrating racially motivated attacks against Arab Israelis and Palestinians.

Ben Gvir set up his "office" in Sheikh Jarrah where tensions have flared over the last week as dozens of Palestinians are at risk of being evicted following a long legal battle with right-wing Jewish Israelis trying to acquire property in the neighborhood, which is just north of Jerusalem's Old City.

Pro-Palestinian protesters have been meeting for nightly iftars -- the meal held after breaking the day-long fast during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan -- at long tables set up outside. Ben Gvir set up his table and awning across the street from the iftar meal.

Footage showed an Israeli spraying what appears to be pepper spray at the Palestinian iftar table, apparently leading to a violent clash.

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