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Biden's Build Back Better Jobs Bill d/b/a the "infrastructure bill" to end all infrastructure bills is still tumbling in the dryer. The WH has mobilized press corpse to translate Joe-speak
Biden hopes infrastructure deal reflects the Senate he remembers
and splain top line shrinkage from $6T to (checks notes) $1.2T, maybe, ahead of "traditional" FY 2022 budget mayhem.

Twin idiots separated at birth, Chuck and Nancy, had a plan to by-pass constitutional constraints, Jim Crow Fusion filibusters, and the part-time Parliamentarian: spit appropriations procedure into two parts originating in the senate

  • a "bi-partisan" earmark bill ($597B guarantee)
  • a blank check "reconciliation" resolution
returned to the House where confirmation vote stipulates total "additional funding" provisions ($4T-$6T) for FY 21 budget. This way an enrolled endless infrastructure bill ends up in a bi-cameral conference committee -- to conform bill texts without pesky rules. This is how H.R. 2, introduced by Jim Yarmuth, became H.R.1319 American Rescue Plan or Public Law 117-2).

Some moderate Democrats oppose Biden spending package, as progressives feared

by Cat on Mon Jun 28th, 2021 at 01:18:21 PM EST
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