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Jeffrey Donaldson expected to become new DUP leader in `coronation'
Jeffrey Donaldson is widely regarded as the most likely to succeed Edwin Poots, who announced on Thursday night he was standing down less than five weeks after his election.

A senior DUP source told The Irish Times nominations were expected to open on Monday and Mr Donaldson could be appointed by Friday.

The source said there was no appetite within the party for another potentially damaging leadership election, and with Mr Donaldson expected to be the only candidate, it would be a "coronation" rather than a contest.

It is understood the party wants to move quickly to appoint a new leader in order to try and heal the divisions within the DUP.

I'm not so sure this will solve the problem, as Donaldson is from the other wing of the party entirely, and there seems to be a split between the London based MPs and the NI based MLAs. Perhaps if he retains Paul Givan as first Minister both factions will be happy for now, give that an immediate election would do them no favours.

But this is just the latest in a series of blunders by the DUP, and it will be interesting to see how the Marching season progresses and what the next opinion polls say.

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