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Seaside diplomacy: G7 summit a (qualified) success
Meeting overshadowed for UK by angry dispute with EU over Northern Ireland protocol
Johnson's sabre rattling about article 16 is a transparent ruse to prepare the ground for the lesser offence of a unilateral extension of grace periods for checks on chilled meats at the end of this month.

The prime minister's problem is that his approach to the protocol is in conflict with his ambition for Britain to take a leading role in the rules-based international order. When New York Times London bureau chief Mark Landler suggested at the closing press conference that many figures in the Biden administration suspected Johnson was still ideologically closer to Donald Trump, the prime minister was literally lost for words.

Johnson apparently believes he can ignore treaty obligations and inflame populist passions when it suits his domestic purposes, while posing as a champion of the rule of law on the international stage.

It served his fellow leaders' purposes to indulge him in Cornwall but he will soon have to choose between his ambitions for Global Britain and his piratical approach to relations with Europe.  

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