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Probably mostly true, but they are still the top unionist party, according to polls, and second only to Sinn Féin overall.

And there's the rub. If Sinn Féin come out on top in the Assembly elections due in the next year, it will be a devastating blow to unionism and the DUP in particular. Even if Sinn Féin only get the 25% they are credited with in recent polls.

But their attitude to Brexit wasn't just Ostrich like, they were its most enthusiastic supporters in cahoots with the ERG. They fondly imagined Brexit would enable them to erect a hard border within Ireland and keep the tide of a united Ireland at bay.

In common with most Brexiteers, they totally over-estimated the strength of their negotiating position vis a vis the EU. They imagined the Irish government would simply roll-over when faced with the threat of No Deal - hence the Priti Patel comments.

Even die hard unionists now realise the DUP badly overplayed its hand. But their problem now is that their vote is fragmenting, not only to the Alliance party, but also to the UUP and hardline TUV.

So they are desperately casting about for a scapegoat to rally the troops and create some riots for the summer - aided and abetted by elements in the Tory party.

I'm trying to head them off at the pass by labelling their tactics as Trumpist.

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