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My comparison of Edwin Poots with Donald Trump has brought out a Trump supporter. Interestingly she makes no attempt to defend Edwin Poots, but he, too, has been known to criticise the police for inaction in suppressing republican gatherings and over zealous policing in relation to loyalist rioters.

Trump says he sought extra security for January 6 rally  

Trump says he sought extra security for January 6 rally  
Frank Schnittger refers to the term "stochastic terrorism" whereby "those who incite and create a climate of violence can never be traced to actually perpetrating it" (`Edwin Poots's decision to stir trouble with his own "facts" is straight from Trump's playbook', Letters, June 5), which could prove helpful for those who organise the violence.

He then refers to the riot at Capitol Hill on January 6 and claims that Donald Trump's denial of inciting violence on that date "was too blatant in its approach to be credible", whatever that might mean.

What about the former president's claim that he requested extra security because of the expected size of the rally that day but was turned down by Democrat House speaker Nancy Pelosi?  

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