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Seems like the Chinese had a pretty good idea though, right?

"Let's engineer a virus that spreads pretty freely, although not as freely as measles, and that is pretty deadly, although not as deadly as MERS or ebola. Then we'll let it loose in our own country, which will kill off a few people but whatever, we will counter it here by implementing a tight lockdown and restrictions of the type we can implement--and the soft Westerners can't. Maybe we will get around to making a vaccine some time, also, but it's not worth doing it in advance. Then we will hope that some tourists or business visitors will carry the virus to the West where it will spread like crazy. And because of their incompetence and weak political and social systems, the ensuing pandemic will shut down their economies for a year thus allowing us to take over the world. WAHAHAHAHA!"

by asdf on Fri Jun 11th, 2021 at 01:11:39 AM EST

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