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Delta Covid variant has a new mutation called `delta plus': Here's what you need to know | CNBC |

India has dubbed delta plus a "variant of concern," and there are fears that it could potentially be more transmissible. In the U.K., Public Health England noted in its last summary that routine scanning of Covid cases in the country (where the delta variant is now responsible for the bulk of new infections) has found almost 40 cases of the newer variant, which has acquired the spike protein mutation K417N, i.e. delta plus.

It noted that, as of June 16, cases of the delta plus variant had also been identified in the U.S. (83 cases at the time the report was published last Friday) as well as Canada, India, Japan, Nepal, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey.

SARS-CoV-2 variants, spike mutations and immune escape | Nature |

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Delta Coronavirus Variant Prompts Limits in Australia, Israel, as India Warns of New Mutation | WSJ |

In Israel, the government on reimposed an indoor-mask requirement and other measures, and parts of Sydney, Australia's largest city, will go into a rare lockdown for at least a week as officials seek to curb outbreaks of the variant that fueled India's ferocious Covid-19 surge in April and May.

Israel reimposes indoor mask requirement as daily cases top 200 | TOI |

Modiin was changed from "yellow" to "orange" as the number of active cases in the central city continued to rise and the town of Kokhav Yair was changed from "green" to "yellow."

Binyamina, a northern town near Haifa,  was labeled "red," the first such municipality to be categorized as a high infection area in several months.

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