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Newton Emerson, a unionist commentator outlines the long and painful history of de facto amnesties and lack of prosecution of those responsible for killings in Northern Ireland.  I have noted in the comments below as follows:
Newton makes no mention of the opposition of the the Irish government and the five main political parties in the North to the amnesty proposals, which seems to have been driven more by domestic English Tory opposition to the prosecution of soldiers than by any concern for reconciliation in Northern Ireland.

He also fails to mention that British government assurances on the prosecution of wrong doers is woven into the fabric of several Irish British agreements and that it is therefore, once again, unilaterally breaking international law.

Brandan Lewis also proposed the creation of a new independent body that would focus on truth recovery over Troubles killings and other actions, but it is difficult to understand what incentive any killer would have to come clean now that any threat of prosecution (or the need to confess crimes in return for amnesty) has been removed. And I don't see any proposals for British Government files on the Dublin and Monaghan bombings to open for public review. Only some truths are to be revealed, apparently.

But in seeking to wipe the slate clean, the British government has also taken on direct responsibility for the actions of the security forces on its behalf in all instances. and can no longer claim they were the actions of soldiers or intelligence operatives gone rogue. But where is the compensation for victims or their relatives, or even expressions of concern for their plight? And if Soldier F can be named in the British Parliament, why not in the Irish Times?

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