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Forensic Architecture's "Digital Violence: How NSO Group Enables State Terror"

Earlier this month, Forensic Architecture, Amnesty International and Citizen Lab held an international symposium, Digital Violence: How NSO Group Enables State Terror.  It brought together human rights groups, journalists, legal and cyber-security experts, and victims from a score of countries to highlight the extraordinary danger NSO Group poses to citizens' rights throughout the world.  Among the featured speakers were Edward Snowden and Laura Poitras.  She is one of the key journalists who helped convey Snowden's story to the world.

FA has compiled an enormous and comprehensive archive of the activity of NSO available here. It includes stories from victims, a corporate overview, a ferocious, frightening but powerful sonic rendering of NSO's history produced by Brian Eno.

Israel Oversight by Ministry of Defense

During the program discussion, Israeli human rights attorney, Eitay Mack, who spearheaded numerous lawsuits in Israeli courts against the export of both Israeli weapons systems and cyber-warfare tools to repressive regimes, noted that the Supreme Court had ordered an end to all such cases.  It claimed that because the export of such systems was controlled by the defense ministry that it had "no jurisdiction" in the matter.

Citizens Lab Canada: Tracking NSO Group's Pegasus Spyware to Operations in 45 Countries | Sept. 2018 |

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